Enneagram Expert, Facilitator & Coach

RAENA HUBBELL is an Enneagram expert, facilitator and coach who has been studying the Enneagram since 2008. She began her career at Deloitte Technology Consulting and subsequently worked as Manager of Analytics for LIFE XT, a Chicago-based startup specializing in corporate mindfulness programs for high-burnout work environments. In this role, she witnessed first-hand how transformational consciousness principles can be for people in the business world, and was inspired to transition full-time to facilitation and coaching. 

Raena has worked with hundreds of leaders and with teams in a variety of industries. She specializes in coaching, executive facilitation, and helping individuals achieve personal and leadership development through facilitated self-exploration and understanding of personality. She received her BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration summa cum laude from the University of Colorado and is certified by the Enneagram Institute. Raena lives in Boulder, Colorado. 

For Teams

Enneagram Training

Train your team or small group in the Enneagram personality system to build trust, empathy, and understanding.


Customize your offsite, retreat, or team meeting with facilitated exercises and content tailored to your objectives and needs.

360 Reviews

Complete a comprehensive feedback exercise synthesizing input from managers, peers, and direct reports.

For Individuals

Type Consultations

Discover your personality type. Meet with Raena to discuss the results of your Enneagram assessment.


Expand your understanding and apply the Enneagram in regular ongoing coaching sessions with Raena.

"Delynn and Raena have been an incredible resource for Amino and for me personally. Startups like ours move so fast and deal with so many simultaneous challenges that we often go too long without deeper work regarding leadership, teamwork, personalities, ways of working, and feedback/conflict resolution. We've accelerated meaningfully as a business since working with Delynn and Raena, both as executive coaches and leadership offsite facilitators. With each experience I've grown more confident in our team's ability to work together to achieve amazing things."

David Vivero
Co-Founder & CEO, Amino

"Raena worked with my Senior Sales Team by introducing them to the Enneagram followed by practical exercises that would help to reinforce the complex knowledge of the Enneagram; how it works, how to find your type and how to let it guide you to a place of self-awareness and high level performance. My Team embraced the eCourse and the individualized โ€œtypingโ€ calls with Raena which set us up for an excellent in-person workshop. Raena meshed well with our group and kept us focused on the topics at hand. All in all, it has been a pleasure working with Raena and we look forward to continuing the work in our upcoming second workshop."

Adam Gross
Senior Director of Sales, Dippin' Dots

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